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Statements by selected H/L Venture Studio portfolio company partners concerning their perspective on the H/L Venture Studio model relate to the educational, mentorship, network and business counseling services offered through participation in the H/L Venture Studio, and not any investment advisory services provided by H/L Venture Studio or its affiliates. You should not consider any of these statements as an endorsement or testimonial regarding H/L Venture Studio as an investment adviser.

We consider H/L Ventures an extension of our team. They spend real time with us, providing strategic advice and championing our business every step of the way. Their deep relationships have developed into new partnerships, industry connections, and capital; they have undoubtedly accelerated our launch and growth.
Marie Kloor
Marie Kloor Co-Founder of Hydra Studios
H/L Ventures has been an incredible resource for all things legal, financial modeling, hiring and fundraising. Oliver is very supportive and there when we need him.
Carli Blum
Carli Blum Founder of Sunscoop
H/L Ventures has supported Sealed in good times and bad. They are always available to answer a question, make an important phone call, and help us think through challenges. Everyone at H/L Ventures says what they will do and will do what they say - we are excited to have them as a trusted partner!
Andy Frank
Andy Frank Founder of Sealed

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