We strive to help mission-driven founders build inspiring, valuable companies from inception to exit

Travis Montaque, Founder and CEO of Holler
Travis Montaque Founder & CEO Holler
Chelsea Briganti, Founder and CEO of Loliware
Chelsea Briganti Co-Founder & CEO Loliware
Dipanwita Das, Founder and CEO of Sorcero
Dipanwita Das Co-Founder & CEO Sorcero
Lauren Salz, Co-Founder of Sealed
Lauren Salz Co-Founder & CEO Sealed

Why We Exist

The famous “hockey stick graph” looks mythical and smooth from afar, but look closely, and the true story of entrepreneurship emerges. Throughout the daily mix of ups and downs, we are there with our founders, every step of the way.

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Founding Principles

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    Integrity, excellence, measurable performance, and hard work underlie everything we accomplish.

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    Growing great companies is all about people.

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    We believe sustainable companies and diverse founding teams make for more successful investments.

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    The structure and model of venture capital itself is due for a change.

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    Companies need more than money, especially in the early stages.

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    Core problems facing early stage entrepreneurs are largely the same, regardless of sector.

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    Most entrepreneurs – even the most brilliant – are facing challenges for the first time. We’ve been there.

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    Unicorns are great, but not every successful company needs to follow this particular narrative.

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    Our involvement is designed to help increase the chances of success for our founders

Our Thesis

Positive impact makes for stronger companies

  • 100% Impact Companies
  • 70% Diverse Leadership

We invest at the nexus of growth, impact and diversity.
We believe that impactful companies that solve real problems for real people yield better results. We also know that diverse founders build great companies and teams, but often lack ready access to funding and resources. For us, diversity includes underrepresented minority groups in tech, including gender, ethnicity, economic situation, LGBTQ+, and military service, among others.

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Statistics based upon current H/L Ventures Portfolio as of 3/31/20. “Diverse Leadership” refers to portfolio company management.

Positive Impact Makes for Stronger Companies

How Our Model Works

In 2009, our team helped create the venture studio model. We believe that taking an active role in co-building our portfolio companies – far beyond simple funding – is crucial. Many venture firms speak of having a studio or value-added services, but to truly deliver the rarest form of venture capital – consistent support to all portfolio companies – requires the right structure. We apply these three key elements in our studio model:

  • Daily Active Engagement

    Daily Active Engagement

  • A Powerful Ecosystem

    A Powerful Ecosystem

  • Access to Capital

    Access to Capital

Our Model
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Access to Capital may vary depending upon the specific portfolio company partner. H/L Ventures does not provide investment banking services and is not a registered broker dealer. Our capital services are limited to referrals to capital sources and/or direct investment by H/L Ventures.

Our Portfolio & Our Founders

Our Portfolio

  • CNote
  • Holler
  • KDCAg
  • Loliware
  • Sealed
  • Sorcero

Our Founders

  • Travis Montaque
  • Dan Nielsen
  • Marie Kloor
  • Andy Frank
  • Dipanwita Das
  • Carli Blum

Press & Media

Funders Begin to Look Upstream — to Women

Funders Begin to Look Upstream — to Women

Portfolios have better returns when diverse backgrounds and minds collaborate to build strong companies.

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California Safe Soil and KDC Ag Expand Breakthrough Food Recycling Technology Nationwide

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