Paul Patterson

Paul Patterson

Paul is a board-certified Pediatrician and expert in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. In this capacity, he works with families of children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disabilities and mental health disorders, including cerebral palsy, autism, genetic syndromes, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

He is particularly passionate about empowering parents and advocating for their children. As one of only 800 developmental-behavioral pediatricians in the country, Paul is uniquely positioned to help those who are struggling the most. 

Paul received his MD from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He is also a licensed professional engineer with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University. His PhD work resulted in two patents for medical imaging devices. He is a member of the National Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.

Paul’s passion is utilizing the intersection of medicine and technology to maximize the developmental potential of all children. As a parent of a child with developmental delays, Paul was excited to connect with Samar to develop Pathfinder. It was the perfect way to bring his passion to life.  

When he is not helping children and their families, you can find Paul spending time with his own family either cooking or traveling.