Business Summary

Ziel is developing a technology-enabled platform to create a competitive supply and demand environment that will challenge the traditional supply chain ecosystem and democratize access to the apparel market. The platform’s proprietary on-demand manufacturing and matching processes will be l inked with non-proprietary design and pre-product ion plug-ins. Ziel will leverage data generated through the plat form for predictive analytics, pricing, demand forecasting, material management, and sourcing for the apparel production supply chain. The technology plat form will help in synchronized capaci ty planning to better match demand with supply and deliver products wi th low turnaround time. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for product to be created and the amount of waste generated producing and shipping product that is not sold. Currently, the company is helping brands (from Everlast to influencer-lead micro-brands) to produce athleisure apparel on-demand.

The H/L Ventures Thesis
Protecting Promoting
People Health & Wellness Diverse / Female Founder, Job Creation
Planet Responsible Fashion, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable Products

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Responsible Consumption and Production



  • Sustainable Tech / Materials
  • Fashion & Retail


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