Business Summary

Thankful is a social enterprise and global lifestyle brand founded on the principle that the simple practice of gratitude has the power to improve overall happiness and wellness. This innovative new model merges philanthropy and business to spread the power of gratitude, via licensed products that give back and activations to spark thankful thinking.
The company partners to create sustainable products under the #thankful brand and encourages their partners to act more sustainably. The first Thankful campaigns including #Thankful4farmers in Australia are already live and forming
partnerships with brands to sell Thankful-branded products.

The H/L Ventures Thesis
Protecting Promoting
People Diverse / Female Founder, Equality and Inclusion Businesses
Planet Sustainable Products

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Gender Equality
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Partnerships for the Goals



  • Fashion & Retail
  • Media
  • Community


  • Seed


  • H/L Studio