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To Rebuild American Communities, Help Them Help Themselves

To Rebuild American Communities, Help Them Help Themselves

How can we help struggling communities to help themselves? We can draw valuable lessons from a surprising place: the field of international development.

KDC Ag Adds Two More To Its World Class Advisory Board To Help Solve The Fresh Food Waste Problem

KDC Ag Adds Two More To Its World Class Advisory Board To Help Solve The Fresh Food Waste Problem

Sam Kass, Obama's White House Chef and Senior Advisor to Nutrition and Matt Jansen former CEO of COFCO Int'l and SVP at ADM join KDC Ag to deploy revolutionary patented technology nationwide.

To Create More Jobs, Think Small(er)

To Create More Jobs, Think Small(er)

If we fail to come up with good answers for America’s workforce, the American Dream and all that flows from it will not survive.

Disney and Apple are just two examples of companies which started during uncertain times. Starting a business during a pandemic may seem crazy at first but that may be exactly what's needed to succeed today.

Congratulations to @blocpower for receiving the Finovate Award for Excellence in Sustainability!

We're thrilled to support BlocPower provide innovative financial solutions and help owners upgrade their buildings with clean heating/cooling systems.

Investment data shows that #startups led by women are more likely to hire more female and diverse teams overall, emphasizing the need to increase #representation in the workplace.

H/L Ventures Managing Partner, @OliverBLibby, sat down with @ladderworks to discuss his efforts to empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs and grow impactful enterprises powered by purpose and diversity.

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From stronger winds to higher volatility storms, climate change has impacted how hurricanes behave. Hurricane Ida intensified overnight, heightening concerns about the impact of climate change on future tropical storms.

. @SorceroCo, an H/L Ventures portfolio company, closed a $10M #seriesA fund co-led by our own CityRock Venture Partners. We look forward to supporting Sorcero in its mission to be a leader in medical and technical Language Intelligence (LI)!

#Startups are still on the rise. Just last year, almost 4.3 million Americans began the process to start their own business, reflecting on their life path and beginning an entrepreneurial journey. #entrepreneur

The fashion industry impacts human lives and the environment far beyond the trends and products on the rack. In the US and Europe, regulatory bodies are now making a conscious effort to push the industry toward sustainability. #sustainablefashion

Hope. Resilience. Unity.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we commemorate the thousands of victims, families, and survivors who are still affected by these events.

To achieve a gender-just world, we all must learn from the past and build a future that promotes equity for all genders. Hear from prominent thought leaders on the changes that need to be made to commit to gender equality.

#EnvisionEquality #inclusion

What's the key secret to building a successful small business or being an exceptional entrepreneur? Believing in yourself.

Learn how to develop a confident mindset and overcome any challenge that may come your way:
#leadership #smallbusiness #entrepreneur